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The company develops, formulates and distributes generic, proprietary and private label Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for the U.S. and foreign markets.
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Special Formulations: As part of our consulting staff, we have retained a Compounding Pharmacist with over 30 years of Industry experience together with ownership of several Pharmacies. He will provide our proprietary compounded products that will be unique to NuTech and to the markets we plan on serving. Different countries and regions of the world have very different needs and require regionally specific drug combinations. Learn More...


Many pharmaceutical and nutritional companies are dependent on contracting manufacturers. This shift from in-house manufacturing to outsourcing is due to increased generic competition, declining R&D productivity, rising development costs, and fewer new product introductions. Learn More...


Packaging: All packaging is provided based on language and governmental requirements for the country of destination. All packaging also adheres to our color and branding schemes for each product. This allows an easily recognizable schema across all products and country destination to create the maximum branding possible for our company. Learn More...